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Jill Marie

For well over 20 years, Jill has led students into mediation in her yoga classes expecting to learn to empty the mind.  After attending 6 days of teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2008 she learned it wasn't so much about emptying the mind, but learning where to focus it.  Since that week nothing has been the same.  She promptly joined the Kadampa Center with her daughter Miranda, where they have forged lasting relationships and found ‘home’ at KC. Since then she has attended: Two 14-day retreats, 3 weekend intense practice retreats, two years of Discovering Buddhism, an on-going course on the Lam Rim including weekend practice courses, attended and led weekend meditation sessions, studied/practiced Tibetan debate, attended most every teaching of visiting teachers and traveled to see His Holiness numerous times. Currently she leads morning meditation, teaches Meditation 101 and volunteers in different small ways at the Center.

Jill believes happiness begins with cherishing others, having a peaceful mind ...and a good sense of humor.

Jill is the owner of Groundwork: Helping others through Organization, Private Yoga and Meditation.

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