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Register to Take Eight Mahayana Precepts on Lhabab Düchen 2019


Because Chokhor Düchen is a Buddha holy day, all meritorious actions we take are multiplied exponentially, so it's very auspicious to start the day with the Eight Mahayana Precepts!

The precepts are a set of vows taken for 24 hours.  These precepts must be taken from a qualified master the first time; afterward the student may take them any time -- at home before their altar, or at the Center with other students.

Geshe Sangpo will offer precepts if students request it. If you wish to take precepts for the first time, sorry, registration is closed.  Please do not register if you have already taken these vows.

Please DO NOT register if you have EVER taken precepts in the past.  If you plan to take the precepts before your home altar but are not sure what to do, please contact Donna.

We know it's hard to get up and get to the center before dawn - please consider carefully before you register and be sure you can come. If any student registers, Geshe Sangpo will come, so best to be certain.

For certain, Kadampa Center will hold the precepts ceremony on Saka Dawa. If there are no new students taking them for the first time, then students who have taken them previously and wish to do so in a group are welcome to come and we'll take them together

Please do not register if you have taken the precepts before.