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Social Events

We're working on creating more opportunities for our members and friends to interact outside formal teachings and classes. Check back soon and watch the email announcements as these activities firm up!

Sunday Potlucks at the Center

On the fourth Sunday of the month, there will be a potluck following the teaching. Volunteer sponsors provide a vegetarian main dish, and we ask others to bring a side dish, salad, dessert, or beverages to share. The most important part of being a sponsor is providing the main dish - no obligation to set up/clean up if you have other obligations at the Center that Sunday!

If you don't have time to prepare something, please come along anyway. There's always plenty of food and all are welcome! Please remember that a crockpot won't heat a cold dish and it's best to heat your food before you come. We ask that you put your name on serving dishes and utensils and please take them and any leftover food home with you.

Neighborhood Potlucks

We are revitalizing the former “Neighborhood Potlucks” from a few years ago and adding a twist. The concept for these gatherings:
  • To build community within focused geographic areas, providing personal contact by introducing members who live in close proximity via social gatherings to create a sense of closeness and a basis of community support for whatever needs arise.

In the past we held potlucks as the only avenue for our gatherings. The new plan is to begin with “Kick-Off Potlucks” in each of the 7 neighborhoods then the rest is up to the folks in that neighborhood and their “Lead.” The more we know each other, the more fun we have together, the more we support each other…our lives and Center will thrive.

The Plan:

  • 7 neighborhoods that make up our Kadampa Center will each have a kick off potluck within the next few months where we all get to meet each other.
  • After that a lead person from each neighborhood will plan any idea for a gathering they like. Ideas may range from meeting at coffee shops on a Friday night, meeting for a ballgame, a movie outing, picnics, play dates, open mic, moms night out, dads night out, social activism, random acts of kindness etc. I think you get the picture.
  • All gatherings will be announced on the website and various other ways.
  • Everyone is invited to go to any neighborhood gathering they like whenever they like. If you live in East Raleigh and have nothing to do on Saturday, look on line and join the folks in North Raleigh for a dinner night out.
Feel free to email Jill with any ideas you have for your neighborhood until we get the ball rolling and the leads take over.