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Support Overseas Sangha

Kadampa Center is pleased to offer an opportunity for Kadampa Center members and friends to support ordained Sangha members at Sera Jey monastery in India and Dolma Ling nunnery in Mongolia. All of the money donated is tax-deductible and goes directly to benefit these men and women who are devoting their lives to the study and practice of the Buddha Dharma.

Funds are used to provide food, clothing, heat, medical care, emergency needs as well as special study opportunities for those enrolled in the program.

If you participate in the program, a monk or nun will be chosen for you and you will receive a photo and brief biographical information about the person. Often it is possible to correspond directly with the monk or nun and even to visit the monastery and nunnery if the sponsor is able to travel abroad.

Helping someone who has taken lifetime monastic vows is a powerful way of creating imprints for the future. Since money goes a long way in India and Mongolia, the relatively small annual fee of $260 makes a dramatic difference in the lives of these communities.

If you have questions about the program, contact our Sangha Sponsorship Coordinator.