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Amanda Henry

In 2012, Amanda Henry responded to a Kadampa Center Prison Project call for volunteers.  A regular Kadampa Center student, having attended the Discovering Buddhism series and now studying the Basic Program, Amanda wanted to actualize her compassion in yet another practical, concrete way.  During her initial interview with the Prison Project, Amanda explained that a close friend of hers was judicially involved and thus, “I have a lot of compassion for prisoners.” She has demonstrated the reality of her compassion with regular volunteer work in prisons and has become Coordinator of the Kadampa Center Penpal Program.  Relentlessly developing her compassion from this unique, firsthand perspective, Amanda is also interested in the end-of-life struggles all people and their loved ones face, so she is finishing up a mortuary science program and actively volunteers with UNC Hospice.  Amanda thus joyfully leads folks out of their samsaric imprisonment and on to better things.  NB!