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Student Visits

Kadampa Center welcomes visits from students studying comparative religion. We offer the suggestions below to help in your exploration of Buddhism at Kadampa Center. For groups of five or more, please submit a completed Group Visit/Speaker Request Form at least three weeks in advance.

  • When can I visit?

  • How should I dress?

  • What if my professor requires an interview?

  • Can a teacher arrange to bring a class to visit?

  • Would someone come to speak to my class?

When can I visit?

For individual visitors, the best time to visit and get a good flavor of the teachings is during our Sunday morning teaching, which begins at 10:30 a.m. In general, this session is geared for students at all levels and is led by our resident teacher, Geshe Gelek Chodha, a highly qualified Tibetan monk. Geshe-la speaks fluent English, and he teaches with humor and compassion. During the times when Geshe-la is away these sessions are led by other sangha or senior students. 

We also have ongoing classes for beginners called Meditation 101 and Buddhism in a Nutshell that are easy to follow, especially if coming for a one-time visit to satisfy your class requirement. The two-year Discovering Buddhism course is more in-depth so would be a good choice if you've already had an introduction to the concepts of Buddhism. Individual drop-ins are welcome in any of these couses, but check the calendar before planning to come.

It is not necessary to attend an orientation before visiting any class or teaching.

How should I dress?

Casual clothing is generally appropriate; most of our members wear trousers or jeans. Please avoid short shorts and revealing tops. If you plan to sit on a meditation cushion, you will be more comfortable in loose clothes. We also have chairs for those who prefer them. It is also our custom to remove our shoes when entering the gompa, or main meditation/teaching hall, so you may want to consider that when choosing your shoes!

What if my professor requires an interview?

We understand that often your projects require an interview with an experienced Buddhist practitioner. However, because we are a volunteer-run organization, we are not able to provide interviews for individual students. If five or more students from a single class wish to visit and hold an interview, please organize a group visit so all questions can be addressed in a single session. There we'll try to clarify and supplement your basic working knowledge of Buddhism acquired through your own research.

Can a teacher arrange to bring the class to visit?

Yes, visits from high school, college or community groups of five or more are welcome to our regular scheduled events or at a specially-arranged time. Three-week notice is requested.

Teachers can shedule a visit by submitting a Speaker/Group Visit Request form. For questions, contact our Community Speakers Coordinator.

Would someone come speak to my class?

We are happy to send a speaker to your classroom for a presentation and discussion. We must request at least a three-week notice. See Speaker/Group Visit Request for guidelines and request form.