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Did You Know?

Inspiring Generosity at Kadampa Center 

Give where it's needed most by clicking "Give Now!"

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OR ENJOY reading about the many ways to practice generosity!

Kadampa Center is completely funded by the kindness of those who support us.
Generosity of giving in support where your heart is moved creates a karmic connection and vast merit.

Our Annual Appeal generally brings in around 75% both from monthly sustainers and one time donors.
The other 25% comes from sponsoring or donating towards specific categories below. 

Communicating an intention for your generosity supports the development of your heart and mind, and provides practical feedback about what inspires the Kadampa Center community. Contributions are received with the understanding that Kadampa Center has discretion over the use of all donated funds.

Click here to be taken to the 2020 Annual Appeal page!

Live in the present, give in the present

Where it's needed most

Creating habits that benefit

Monthly Sustainers

Engage now, ensure the future

Dharma Class

Planting seeds for the future

Family Program

To open a world of possibilities

Visiting Teacher

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary


Special days, special giving

Holy Days

Retreat locally, benefit globally

Local Retreat

More than a cupful of benefits

Sunday Tea

So that minds can be free

Kadampa Center Prison Project

Memorable days, meaningful people


Our needs are spiritual and physical

In Kind

Merit in the making

Legacy & Living Giving

Practice deepens our connection

Practice Day

Support the commitment

Refuge Vows


Methods of Giving

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or need help.