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Merit Makers

Every week, there are seen and unseen heroes that help keep Kadampa Center running.
Here are just a few!

Thanks go out this week to all of you who pledged for the 2020 Annual Appeal! Every year we come to you with heart felt speakers, lovely graphics, mailings, emails and more to inspire your generosity. We raised almost $182,000 with our combined efforts in support of the Center we all love so dearly. The teachings continue to thrive as well as our strong commitment to our teachers and the Dharma because of each one of YOU! Thank you to everyone for Looking to the Future: the bright, hopeful future of our beloved Kadampa Center.

Thanks go out this week to Joey Gooch and Patrick McGinity for steadfastly, year after year, preparing our fire pits for the Dorje Khadro Fire puja on New Year's Eve. They take the time to set up the fire pits, maintain the fires for us and then clean up after. We are grateful to you guys for making it easy for us to burn away our negative karma and start each year with a clean slate. You are both appreciated!

Thanks go out this week to Vivian Magarino-Gomez for treating us to yummy food every Sunday Tea - the last Sunday of each month. We all love walking out of the gompa after the teachings to be welcomed by tasty selections prepared by Vivian. It's a great to take the time to share food and conversation with those we may know well and others we just met! Thanks to all of you who support Vivian whether in set up or clean up. You are all appreciated!

Thanks go out this week to our greeters: Jason Jenkins and Karen Beesley. Your consistent kind offering of greeting our members and visitors with a smiling face has been beneficial to all. Thanks for helping folks feel comfortable no matter if this is their first time entering a Buddhist temple or their 521st. You are appreciated! Others are welcome to sign up for this volunteer position too. See our website.

Wow! Hasn't Venerable George's visit been wonderful? Our hearts skip with thanks to all the volunteers who made his visit great - drivers, greeters, our great media guys Brian Dyer and Chris Baranski; Karen Mastroianni and David Machles who hosted him in their home, Susan Potter who hosted the sponsor tea, and our crack Visiting Teachers team - Linda Saah, Suzy Boehm and Laura Carballo, who put in tons of work organizing his visit. Big thanks to all!

Thanks go out this week to our All Star Mowing Team! Big shout out to leader Scott Dickerson and team members: Paul Krebs, Tom Stanton, Josh Henson, Chase Haddix and Peter Cranford. Thank you so much guys, for keeping our grounds groomed and looking good all summer long. We appreciate the generous effort and time you gave to the Center during the hot summer! Thank you so much.

Many thanks for a successful Adopt-a-Stream trash collection event at Lake Johnson on Saturday, November 2. They gathered 9 large bags of trash from the waters’ edge, making the environment a little better for all sentient beings! Thank you: Paul Krebs, Sandra Hess, Jon Morris, David and Elise Strevel, Virginia Morris, Alex Hess and Link Freedom.

Thanks go out to Tim Mulhern who donated funds to purchase our new Flower Offering Station! You can now make flower offerings under the pergola outside and find all the vases, tools, water and inspiration you need. This is also the location to empty spent flowers that you might notice on the altar. Thank you Tim for your generous heart that helped to create a lovely place for us to make offerings on our beautiful altar! You are appreciated!

Thanks go out this week to Paul Krebs for coming in each Wednesday to clean our floors in the main area, water the plants and take care of the altar flowers. He joins the team with Gary Mickey who cleans the gompa each week and Tom Stanton who empties the garbage and tidies up the bathrooms. Our Center is much cleaner and more hospitable because of you guys. You are all appreciated!

Thanks go out this week to Naga Dhoopati, Peter Cranford and Meredith Bass. All three were early for an event and asked if they could help. Yes! Working together they dusted all the Dharma books in the library and Bookstore in a flash. Teamwork makes everything more fun and go much faster. Thanks guys for asking and your willingness to step up. You are appreciated!

Thanks go out this week to Paul Krebs, Patrick McGinity and Joey Gooch as our faithful Serenity Gardeners. They tidied up our flower beds, trimmed the bushes and pruned branches away from our building. It takes many hands to keep our grounds healthy and in a beautiful condition we can all be proud of. We welcome all to join in effort to help out during grounds days or to pick weeds in the gardens during times that work for you. Thanks guys for giving up time on your weekend!

Thanks go out this week to our new pen pals Kadampa Center Prison Project, Jason Jenkins and Kyle Caldwell! All of our pen pals diligently pick up their letters, correspond and discuss the dharma in a casual and meaningful way, and help the inmates stay connected. There are many more inmates in need of a pen pals. Go here, to join the team! Thanks guys for your age old skill of letter writing.

Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors, and any who exerted joyful effort for the 6th Annual Dharma Camp. Thank you Geshe Gelek, Geshe Sangpo, Ven. Khando-la, Nolanda Monastery, Ann Skvarcius, Alexandra Kholina, Jorie Walker, Lauri Robbins, Gary Mickey, Jack Shannon, Julie Jones, Don Brown, Kelly and Andrew Hutzel Celina Low-Jones, Sue Stern, Erin Sloan, Marita Schlesser, Sandi Mitchell, Annalisa Jaynes, Jampel, Jill Marie, Amanda Henry, Donna Seese, Karen Edwards, Sandy Carlson, Bobby Taboada, Viviane Kraus, Olga Kissin, and Vincent Batts.

Thanks go out this week to the 'clean up warriors' who muscled through the heat to remove organic debris, old materials from our grounds as well as clean off the roof and gutters. We are so appreciative of: Michael Flaherty, Paul Krebbs, Patrick McGinity, Chtristine Weicek, Joey Gooch, Alex/Sandra Hess, Jason Jenkins, Tim Mulhern, Erin Sloan and Jill Marie. Thanks for taking time out of your Sunday to make our Center more beautiful!

A beautiful altar arose in the center of our gompa for the Tara mini-retreat, filled with beautiful offerings. Led by Gary Mickey, a wonderful crew of volunteers set the altar up for the retreat. Many thanks to Venerable Lhamo, Christine Wiecek, Patti Pandya, Julie Lewis, Naga Dhoopati and John Lorenzen.

Thanks go out this week to Erin Sloan and Sue Stern for cleaning, moving and tidying up both the nursery and the education building after the renovations. It took a lot of effort to get the spaces back to normal so our Family Program can continue to thrive. We appreciate you both for your time, talents and energy!

Thanks go out this week to an anonymous family for removing the covers from all our long cushions in the gompa, washing, and replacing them back. This was a loving task to keep our gompa fresh and clean. We really appreciate the effort you all made and thank you for offering service to the Center!

Thanks go out to everyone who helped volunteer for Geshe-la's 20th Anniversary party. The evening was delightful with almost 100 attending! We listened to the sounds of Nepalese music and enjoyed Indian and Tibetan finger food. Outside Robbie, our Director, led a lovely program with guest speakers, an offering from the children and many gifts for Geshe-la. Everyone had a lovely time and we appreciate all the hard work it took to plan and clean up! Thank you to all.

Thanks go out this week to Kathy Kochevar and Karen Beesley for working in the bookstore pricing all our new items. They both spent long hours and diligently labeled new merchandise and jewelry. We are excited as always to have new things to help our practice or to benefit others in gifts. Thanks Kathy and Karen for putting time and effort into our bookstore! You are appreciated.

Our third annual blood drive in honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday was a great success, with a total of 22 units of blood donated! This act of lifesaving kindness is our tribute to his wish that we offer acts of compassion for his birthday. Big thanks to Joan Lacey for all her hard work coordinating the drive, to Tim Mulhern for assisting Joan, and to all our amazing blood donors!