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Speaker/Group Visit Request

Thank you for your interest in Tibetan Buddhism and the Kadampa Center. Our wish is to support your efforts to learn, and we will carefully consider your request.

In spite of our best efforts, please keep in mind that all requests are processed and facilitated by volunteers and due to restraints of time, volunteer availability, or other reasons, we may be unable to accommodate your request.

Please visit the other pages on our website for more information about the Kadampa Center, the many opportunities to learn about many aspects of Tibetan Buddhism at the Center, and other
resources for further information and study.

Please provide complete information on the form below and submit at least three weeks in advance to request a speaker for your community group. We will respond as promptly as possible.

Group/Organization Information
Tell us a bit more about why you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism. For example, are you participating in a World Religion Class? Interfaith Discussion Group? Church Youth Group? What piqued your curiousity?
Contact Person Information
Date and Time
If you have a specific date you would like us to consider, please let us know here.
If you have some flexibility with your dates, please explain.
Kadampa Center is located at 5412 Etta Burke Court in Raleigh.
Alternate address
Event Format
Please describe your event format (a panel, discussion, church service, etc.) and how long our speaker would be presenting. Will there be others participating (e.g., in a panel or discussion)?
For example, history of Buddhism, basic beliefs, ritual, prayer, etc.
Specific questions we should address
We expect that your group will have reviewed the basic history/beliefs/practices of Buddhism prior to the event as a foundation for a meaningful exchange of information. To help us better prepare, please provide three to five questions that you would like us to address.