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International Merit Box Project

To cultivate generosity as part of a daily practice, as well as foster an international spirit of harmony and cohesion amongst the FPMT community, FPMT International Office is happy to present the International Merit Box Project. Every year thousands of dollars are collected from FPMT students, centers and projects worldwide, and disbursed through grants to eligible FPMT projects and initiatives. Kadampa Center has benefited from past donations to help pay for books and retreats.

Your part…

Take a Merit Box and booklet to your home and place offerings in it throughout the year. Just think, your spare change can help build a new stupa, retreat cabin or translate a Dharma text! International Merit Box Project donations will be collected every year around Lama Tsongkhapa day at the end of November. You may turn your donations into the Center by putting your coins in a zip lock bag and placing in the designated box.