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Center Management Team

Kadampa Center is mainly run by volunteers, with just a few "paid" positions. As we are affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), certain aspects of our Center management is governed by FPMT's rules.

Donna started attending Kadampa Center in 1999, and knew she had found her spiritual home the first time she walked through the doors. Over the years she has found the Dharma to be of incredible benefit in living her daily life, raising her daughter in partnership with her husband, and helping her parents make the transition into death.
She has worked in a variety of roles at the Center and hopes her service as spiritual program coordinator will be of benefit to our teachers, our community, and all beings.

Robbie Watkins first studied with Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Kopan Monastery in 1980. He became a member of Kadampa Center in 1993. After serving as Spiritual Program Director, he became Director of the Center in 1998. He is involved in leading Discovering Buddhism. During his spare time, he works as a family physician in Cary.



Barb is forever grateful to Herb Cunningham for showing her the ropes, and trusting her with continuing this wonderful project that he led for so many years!

In 2012, her work circumstances changed so she could be more flexible with her time during the week. It was a great time to reach out to Herb - who was also a participant on Venerable Robina's pilgrimage to Nepal and India in 2004 - to volunteer for the Kadampa Center Prison Project. It is amazing to watch workshop participants struggle with concepts like gratitude and forgiveness, and work through that process with them. Prison work has become a passion - Barb is also on the Steering Committee for the Department of Public Safety's Transitional Aftercare Network, and enjoys trying to figure out how to connect folks together with a similar purpose or mission.

Barb started coming to Kadampa Center in 2003 with her husband Chris to participate in the Center's first round of Discovering Buddhism. The teachings really resonated with her, and she's been actively participating in a variety of roles ever since.

Chris first came to Kadampa Center in 2003 to learn about meditation and then as a student in the first round of Discovering Buddhism classes. He coordinates recording of teachings and events at Kadampa Center and helps maintain these recordings. He also helps prepare juniper/eastern red cedar used to fill holy objects. Chris helps with Meditation and Mindfulness classes at Caledonia Correctional Institution. Chris is also on the Board of Directors for the Triangle Interfaith Alliance. Venerable Robina helped Chris realize the importance of getting the dharma to as many people as possible. 

Brian's first experience with the Kadampa Center was in the Fall of 2012 attending Buddhism in a Nutshell. He has enjoyed helping Chris with the live streaming and recording of teachings and other events since early 2013.

Elise starting coming to the Kadampa Center in 2004, when she first learned about it at a lecture by Dr. Robert Thurman. The people and teachings there have been enriching her life ever since. In return for this great gift, she tries to give back to the Kadampa Center by promoting Outreach opportunities and other various activities. Elise is also a member of the Triangle Interfaith Alliance.

Christy has attended the Center since 2012; and, thanks to the Children/Youth Program and the available recorded teachings, she was able to connect and learn despite the perceived handicap of having children with her most all the time. Her wish and goal is for all families to likewise feel connected to the larger community and supported in their path, developing a bodhichitta motivation with their children and all their relationships. She is excited to serve as the Family Program Coordinator, connecting families to the Center and each other. Currently she also teaches in the Sunday Program and leads Family Camp. When not at the Center, you'll find her homeschooling three kiddos in their garden.