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Merit Makers

Every week, there are seen and unseen heroes that help keep Kadampa Center running.
Here are just a few!

Thanks go out this week to Colin Keenan and his buddy Will who helped in moving items from our storage unit to a different unit. We appreciate you coming out in the evening and assisting with joyful effort to help when needed. Colin is part of the Handy Helper Team and responded within minutes to an "ask for help." If you would like to be on the Team and offer aide with projects from small to large, email Jill at Thanks again Colin and Will!

Thanks go out this week to Bill Judge, long time member and documentary filmmaker, for giving us copies of "Path to Geshe." Bill traveled to Sera Jey Monastery in 1993 and opened the door to life in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. "A moment's silence, followed by the sound of feet padding through the narrow streets, the rustling of robes...then slowly, in unison, the voices of 2500 monks in prayer rises through the stillness."
Thank you Bill for your gift of filmmaking and for your generous donation available to all in our lobby!

Thanks go out this week to the gardeners extraordinaire: CJ Wilkerson, Sebastian Hanson, Olivia Craig, Tim Mulhern and Jessica Pulliam. Thanks also to Donna Seese for purchase of plants, Carol Vogel for making our entry look alive, and Tim Mulhern for donating mulch. Our grounds look so lovely!! The butterflies, bees and all of us appreciate all of you!

Thanks go out this week to all those who stop by during the week to meditate. Not only are you making your mind more peaceful, you are benefiting our center with positive energy which ripples out to benefit all beings. Drop by drop a vessel fills. Thank you for working on your mind and we're happy we can be open for you!

Many thanks go out to Venerable Lhamo who leads us in prayer on Sundays, and who leads our pujas. With her clear voice and kindness, she keeps us in tune.
Thank you, Lhamo-la!

Thanks go out this week to our guest speaker Mr. Penpa Tsering, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the Americas. We heard relevant information about the affairs of Tibet last Sunday. There are many things we can do to support the causes of Tibet that are so dear to our hearts. You may go to here to read more and find helpful links to support. Thank you Mr. Tsering for all the work you do on a daily basis to support His Holiness the Dalai Lama and thank you for coming to our Center to wake up our hearts to this cause.

Thanks to Brenda D. Lemus for working on our massive Dharma sort pile. We separate holy words from holy images so everything is treated with respect. Soon we will be ready to do another Dharma burn and if this sounds interesting to you then give us a call, we need a new Dharma burn volunteer! Thank you Brenda for all your work.

Thanks go out to Steve Hale this week. We could thank Steve for sweeping our entry off most Sunday mornings before he's a greeter with his wife Marian or for filling in as Program Assistant from time to time, yet this thank you is to welcome Steve to the Board of Directors! As a new member of the Board, Steve is learning the ropes and offering his service by attending bi-monthly meetings. Whether he is sweeping or casting a vote he does his tasks at the Center with a happy smile and warm heart. Thank you Steve for all you do for us!

Thanks go out this week to Craig Cornish who has the new position of preparing the Center for Sunday morning. Craig comes in on the weekend to: Tidy up, organize the cafe, refresh paper products in restrooms, straighten chairs/cushions/mats and in general makes our Center ready for our Teacher and all the KC family. Thank you Craig for making our world a little more put together every week!

Thanks go out this week to our Grounds Day volunteers Joey Gooch, Eren Karvvas, Tim Mulhern, Donna Seese and Monica and Greg Schario. Saturday the team pruned trees, weeded, trimmed, removed old plants, picked up limbs and watered our containers. We totally appreciate your effort and making things pretty for our big Losar celebration. Thanks guys!

We'd like to thank the members of the Tibetan community for making our Losar celebration beautiful and special. We heard traditional songs, stories and the rich history of the Tibetan New Year. Each year they make our holiday more lovely. Thank you also to our own KC dancers for the traditional Tibetan dance and to our secret dancers bringing our favorite snow lion to life! Happy Losar to all!

Venerable Amy’s visit was such a delight! And made even better by the help from so many folks who volunteered to greet and do water bowl offerings, drive and host her. Thanks to Ven. Khando, Karen Mastroianni and David Machles, Elise and David Strevel, Steve and Marian Hall, Susan Daniel, Fani Ttofali, Mike Flaherty, Suzy Boehm and Jill Marie. Working interdependently, we made it happen!
Thank you all!

Our gompa is sporting spiffy new storage for our spiritual materials. Big thanks to Mike Flaherty for installing the new cabinets. Thanks also to Joey Gooch for moving White Tara to the other wall and hanging the new Shankyamuni Buddha and Manjushri thangkas. Y'all are rockin' the gompa!

Our gompa is sporting spiffy new storage for our spiritual materials. Big thanks to Mike Flaherty and David Horton for installing the new cabinets.
Thanks also to Joey Gooch for moving White Tara to the other wall and hanging the new Shakyamuni Buddha and Manjushri thangkas.
Y’all are rockin’ the gompa!

Thanks go out this week to everyone that made the appeal happen! You know who you are! The designer, envelope stuffers, reminder emailer, idea makers, KC Players, announcers, media team, thank you note writers and children who danced us out! It took many Sunday's and lots of effort for a successful 2017 Annual Appeal. You are all appreciated!

The Annual Appeal closes Jan 31 and we want to thank the "Kadampa Players" for their acting prowess in our skits displaying ways to FILL YOUR HEART for the 2017 Appeal. Thanks go out to the brave souls willing to put themselves in the lime light: Royden and Layla Saah, Tim Mulhern, Hemant Pandya, Donna Seese, Sandy Carlson, Robbie Watkins, Miranda Benson, Magnes Batts, Margo and all the little ones from our Family Program who danced their hearts out for you!
Hats off and take a bow!

Big Thanks go out to Joey Gooch for his years of dedicated service as Facility Manager. Joey worked for many hours joyfully and tirelessly to make sure our facility was beautiful, safe and welcoming. Joey's wish is always for you to feel like this is your Center and we thank him for everything he did from keeping air filters clean to building a pergola for the Buddha. Since we have no replacement for Joey yet, you may sign on to be a Handy Helper on our communication wall and continue the service he did so well. A Tara Puja was conducted at Kopan in honor of Joey's service. He will now show his love of the Center as Garden Manager. Thank you Joey!

Thanks go out this week to our faithful pen pals for the KCPP, Kadampa Center Prison Project and Amanda Henry as pen pal coordinator. Ashlee Williams, Amanda Henry, Herb Cunningham, Andre Smith, Helen Schwartz, Jeffifer Shoemaker, Elise Strevel, Karen Mastroianni, Barb Baranski diligently pick up their letters, correspond and discuss the dharma in a casual and meaningful way and help the inmates stay connected. There are many more inmates in need of a pen pals. Go here, to join the team! Thanks guys for your age old skill of letter writing.

Our dear resident teachers, Geshe Gelek and Geshe Sangpo, are so knowledgable that they leave pretty big shoes to fill when they are away. We were able to offer inspiring programs every Sunday during their absence, including a Lamrim retreat and many interesting discussions on a variety of Dharma topics — not to mention Santa Robbie! Big thanks to our Discovering Buddhism teachers who led our Sundays: Robbie Watkins, Don Brown, Shankha Mitra and Steep Smith!

Thank you to all of you who have Filled Your Heart by pledging and contributing in 1 of 5 ways to the 2017 Annual Appeal so far. You are a big part of why the Center thrives! Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!