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Discovering Buddhism

About Discovering Buddhism (DB)

The Discovering Buddhism two-year course offers an authentic presentation of the Buddha's teachings, in a format relevant to modern Westerners.  Taught by FPMT registered teachers, DB classes lay a strong foundation of the entire Tibetan Buddhist path including how to integrate study and practice.  This is an excellent “next step” for students who have taken the Buddhism in a Nutshell course and want to learn more.  There are no prerequisites or fees, although donations are appreciated.

The 2021-2022 Discovering Buddhism course began January 4, 2021.     The two-year curriculum offered by Kadampa Center covers thirteen of the fourteen modules in the DB course.  

Students can participate in DB classes either ONLINE {via Zoom or YouTube} or ONSITE in person.  Please see our calendar for dates and information about specific DB modules.  DB modules consist of 4 - 7 weekly class sessions.

Enroll in Discovering Buddhism by your preferred option: 

  • For ONLINE class participation via Zoom or YouTube Live Stream, please click here to enroll.

  • For ONSITE in-person participation, please click here to enroll.  From a motivation to keep all safe, COVID safety protocols have been established that are as welcoming as possible while trying to ensure that all who attend in person remain healthy.  To attend DB classes onsite, participants must be triple vaccinated, which means you have had a COVID-19 booster vaccine more than 2-weeks prior to attending class onsite.  Due to social distancing, there is limited seating in the gompa, therefore students are encouraged to pre-enroll for the reserve their seat in the gompa.  Masks and hand sanitizer use are required in the building.  Please join class online if you don't feel well or have been around someone experiencing COVID and/or COVID-like symptoms.

New to Discovering Buddhism? Please plan to start on the first session of any given DB module (rather than starting in the middle of a module). Useful instructions and pertinent information is shared during the first session of each new module.

Question about Discovering Buddhism?  Please email here

Discovering Buddhism Completion Certificate

There is much benefit to seeking certification for the course, including the commitment to learning the material and trying the practices recommended by our spiritual founder, Lama Zopa Rinpoche.  A Completion Certificate is issued by the FPMT when a student has tracked and completed the requirements for all fourteen modules.  Requirements for completing Module 14, Special Integration Experiences, include retreats, mantra and prostration practices.  It is strongly recommended that the Special Integration Experiences of Module 14 are started as early as possible due to the required time and nature of the commitment involved in order to complete them.  For more information on how to earn the FPMT Discovering Buddhism Completion Certificate, please visit the FPMT online learning website or email here.