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Sunday March 20

Venerable Robina is teaching the Sunday morning program on March 20, which means our young students will have a chance to thank her for visiting our center. We will do this by offering the prayer of The Four Immeasureables. Students will sit with their classmates in front of Ven Robina and hold an art project related to the prayer. Classes will work on the art project on 3/6 and 3/13. Every student in attendance 3/20 is invited to offer the prayer, even if they don't work on the art project. Everyone in class on 3/6 or 3/13 is invited to help with the art project, even if they don't plan to come on 3/20. This way, many of our students make a connection with Ven Robina.
Parents, if your children want to participate, please practice this version at home:
May all sentient beings have happiness  and the causes of happiness 
May all sentient beings  be free from suffering  and the causes of suffering
May all sentient beings  be inseparable from the happiness that is free from suffering
May all sentient beings  abide in equanimity , free from attachment  for friends and hatred for enemies

High School Curriculum Developer

The Family Program (FP) is seeking a High School Dharma Curriculum Developer. Please contact the Sunday Facilitator, Erin Sloan if you are interested in this volunteer role or some aspect of this role. This is an exciting but considerable task and may require a collection of efforts.
Background: Our center is unique in the number of young people who attend classes each week, and many students have been coming to the center for many years. Lesson plans have been developed based on the 16 guidelines for both early elementary and late elementary, and while curriculum requirements are not set, brainstorming sessions with volunteers, input from students, and lessons learned from past initiatives suggest high school students would benefit most from a dharma-based curriculum using Buddhist terminology. Next, the middle school curriculum would be developed as a bridge between elementary and high school.
Ideally, the Curriculum Developer will have these qualifications:
  • background or experience in education
  • completion of the Discovering Buddhism course or comparable knowledge
Alternatively, Curriculum Developer can engage subject-matter experts for one of these aspects.
Curriculum Developer will have freedom in the process and asked to consider:
  • researching existing high school dharma programs to determine if any exist that can be adapted for our use
  • gathering feedback from past and current volunteers
  • developing a one- to two-year curriculum compatible with our Sunday program in time (about an hour) and theme (Dharma for a Happy Life)
  • create a timeline for curriculum development including milestones and reviews of content
  • communicate plans with CYP Coordinator and Spiritual Program Coordinator
  • develop curriculum including objectives, content, and learning experiences (opportunities to engage the student and for them to practice)
  • receive support from the coordinators in the form of feedback and identifying reviewers, resources, and appropriate contacts in the center and FPMT organization

Year Overview

The overview for our year is available. These dates apply to the Sunday morning program that begins at 10:45 and includes children and youth through grade 8.

FALL 2015
(Sept - Nov 22)

  • We pick up where we left off with the 16 guidelines in June and will study Gratitude, Responsibility, and Principles


(Nov 29 - Jan 3)

  • During the holiday season, we continue with the 16 guidelines, studying Aspiration.
  • We may have a movie or game day with most students combined into one class (based on volunteer availability)
  • We typically celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a party and small gifts for the children mid December

(Jan 10 - Feb 28)

  • Our 16 guidelines studies continue with Service and Courage


  • We celebrate our efforts and reflect on our service as part of our practice during a gathering that is mid-way through the volunteer year (Feb 21). We include volunteers for Family Camp, as this effort really gets going in January

(March - June)

  • Our 16 guidelines studies continue with Humility, Patience, Contentment, and Delight
  • Family Dharma Camp is in May. Plan ahead for this wonderful experience that includes the whole family.

Erin Sloan (