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Did You Know more about Visiting Teachers

This practice of generosity benefits you, the teacher and the community in many ways! 
  • You become part of a long history
    Throughout the 2,500-plus years of Buddhist tradition, lay students have supported monastics (teachers) by offering food and sometimes robes, shelter and medical care, because they treasure the Dharma teachings and spiritual guidance that the teachers provide.
  • You honor the teachers’ path in life
    Choosing a life dedicated to Dharma is a high calling. In Western countries, there are few monasteries or organizations that financially support sangha (monastics) or lay teachers, so they may live in financial hardship or instability. Your offering supports their spiritual life.
  • You deepen your connection to the teacher
    Practicing Generosity in connection to the spiritual teachings and spiritual teachers has benefits that ripple out far beyond the scope of the gift or the specific teaching, by creating a karmic connection between you and the teacher, all the way back to the Buddha. This connection creates the cause to meet the teacher again in future lives.
  • You support our community of practice
    Giving the Dharma is the greatest generosity of all!  Your sponsorship makes teachings available to others. Sponsorships allow the Center to continue offering teachings at no charge, and to provide web streaming. As teachings change hearts and minds, you bring countless benefits in both the short and long term, near and far!
  • A powerful act of guru devotion
    “If you offer with the recognition that the Sangha are the guru’s pores then that is an unbelievable way to collect merit. When you offer to many Sangha, who have the same guru as you, then you are making offerings to that many pores of the guru. This is the easiest way to collect skies of merit.” 
    ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche (article from FPMT)

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