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Family Program Overview

The Children’s Program is starting up again at the Kadampa Center!

The program was alive and well for years, thanks to very dedicated Kadampa Center members, with 40 volunteers and well over 50 children participating until the COVID-19 restrictions hit (and even then classes were still going on virtually for awhile!).

We're starting back with ONE class ONCE a month on the Second Sunday starting January 14, 2024. The classes will be led by Ali Burke and Tara Carroll. 

Children ages 5 and up will begin in the gompa for prayers, and then go to the classroom building (caregivers are very welcome to join) and taught together in the same classroom from a curriculum based on the 16 guidelines.

Please check out the Ready, Set, Happy for Children section of the FDCW (Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom) for more information on the basis of what the children will learn. 

More details to come! 

If you have any questions or interest in helping us with this program, please contact