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What options do you have for my infant or young toddler?

We have a lovely space for children aged four and under, but we do not have a room dedicated to infants. Most parents find that a flexible approach works best during the first year.

  • Sleepy? Infants often snuggle with their parents in the gompa. Toddlers who have not dropped their morning nap may love the beginning of the class but find it hard to get through the whole thing without their parents.
  • Hungry? Parents often use the preschool room to nurse or feed their babies.
  • Playful? Often infants love to watch the preschoolers, even if they are not ready to leave their parents. Parents keep their infants, but come visit.
  • Independent? Some infants are very comfortable in the preschool room and able to stay and play without their parents.
  • Depends on the day? Some mornings the preschool room is very active and others, very mellow. Some parents decide the best approach depends.