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Lhamo Loma Gyonma practice for epidemics

During the teaching on May 10, 2020, Geshe Gelek gave us the transmission of the mantra of Goddess Lhamo Lochenma.

This mantra was suggested by Geshe Gelek’s teacher, Serjey Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek, for us to recite.

The mantra of Goddess Lhamo Loma Gyonma, recited by Geshe Gelek.

Here are Geshe-la’s comments about it:

A long time ago, before 1959 in Tibet, within Sera Je monastery there were many, many small colleges established, based on the region in Tibet. So, (one of the colleges) in Tibet, had pandemic issues, problems. A lot of monks passed away. So the monks from the college recited this mantra of Loma Gyonma, Goddess Lhamo Loma Gyonma.

That’s what Khensur Rinpoche suggested in his video message (from a few weeks ago), that you could also say this mantra.

The monks from the college recited this mantra, and the pandemic eventually died down, disappeared.




Lama Zopa Rinpoche also advised reciting this mantra, when the Ebola crisis first arose. Lhamo Loma Gyonma (or Parnashavari, in Skanskrit - you can see that the mantra invokes her name in the third and fourth words) is a deity for eliminating contagious disease. FPMT has several practices for Lhamo Loma Gyonma that anyone can download. 

A very simple practice is The Dharani of Goddess Parnashavari, which includes a verse of praise to say before the mantra recitation, the mantra, and a dedication verse.

Other practices available from FPMT are: 

Here is the audio recording of the 2021-01-10 Sunday Teaching.