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Steven Killion

When Steven began attending Kadampa Center teachings early in 2013, he learned that one method of increasing personal happiness was to develop compassion for others.  Realizing in addition that he has led, thus far, an incredibly fortunate human life, he began looking for a way to actualize the compassion he had developed for others, to repay his own good fortune and to help other people realize happiness in their own lives, he looked to the Kadampa Center for a vehicle.  Lo, Herb Cunnigham and Barb Baranski manifested in the Center through a call for volunteers.  The Kadampa Center Prison Project turned out to be the perfect fit for Steven, and he continues to find the personal happiness he was seeking through volunteer work.  When asked how he finds the time to drive across the state to visit prisoners, he responds, “It is not enough for me to generate a feeling of compassion; I have to act upon that feeling for it have much meaning to me—so it is a priority for me to make the time to travel to prisons and facilitate workshops.”  Steven is grateful to Herb and Barb for pointing the way for him to achieve an even happier and more fortunate life through meaningful work with the Kadampa Center Prison Project.  NB!