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Sunday Morning Greeter

Sunday Morning Greeter Role

Do you like helping folks feel welcome? Yes? Then this is the perfect role for you.
You can sign up as an individual, a couple or even parent/child. It's a great way to meet people and become more involved.
This is one of the few positions that new people can volunteer for.

A Sunday morning greeter has:
  • A strong desire to help newcomers feel welcomed and at ease
  • Enthusiasm for interacting with newcomers
  • An enthusiasm for bringing the Dharma to others
  • A personal belief that community is important and worth effort to cultivate
  • A track record of dependability

SIGN UP below to become a greeter(s) on Sunday mornings from 10:00 - 10:45 am. 

Sunday Morning Greeter


  • Wear a greeter badge on a red lanyard located in the concierge drawer
  • Welcome every person that walks into the door by introducing yourself
  • Offer everyone a bulletin
  • Be on the lookout for new people (those that seem lost, unsure or are looking around) to help them feel welcome
  • Offer new people a Newcomer Booklet and answer any questions you can
  • Explain you will be around after if they have any questions
  • If there are 2 greeters, you may step away to show them the shoe rack, restrooms and gompa.
  • Explain that you can sit on the cushions or a chair
  • Explain prostrations simply show respect for the teacher and that you don't have to do
  • Close the door to the gompa when the teachings start
  • At 10:45, count the shoes by hand or with the counter in the concierge desk drawer and fill out the tiny form located behind the donation box on the concierge desk