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Big Shed Clean Out!

9:00 am Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Big Shed Clean Out!

We are going to start at 9:00am moving everything out of the big shed in the gravel yard to sort, clean and replace wanted items back in the new shed. Ending time based on quantity of help.

Project leader - Julie Lewis

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  • Remove items from shed (2 people)
  • Sort items for keeping or dump (Julie, Joey and Patrick for tool side, KC side pre-sorted and marked)
  • Clean items to be kept with special solution (2 people)
  • Place cleaned items in new shed (2 people)
  • Load truck with unwanted items (2 people)
  • Take unwanted items to dump (2 trucks at least)


  • Shed is compromised with mold. We will have special remediation instructions from our mold expert Dorothy Robson.
  • We will provide all necessary masks and gloves
  • The shed will be removed by someone at a later date


  1. Volunteers willing to follow the remediation rules
  2. Folks with trucks to run items to dump on Aviation Pkwy

Big thanks to all!