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Lhabab Düchen Holy Day

Friday, November 10, (All day) 2017

When he was 41, Shakyamuni Buddha ascended to Tushita, a Pure Land (a kind of heaven)  to repay his mother's kindness by giving teachings to liberate her from samsara. After three months, he returned to Earth to continue his teachings at the request of his disciples.

As a Buddha Holy Day, this is an auspicious day for practice, when the karmic effects of actions are multiplied exponentially, according to Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

This is a merit-multiplying day, when the karmic effects of all our actions (negative as well as positive) are multiplied a million times, according to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, so any virtuous practice on this day is especially auspicious!

Auspicious practices for the day include:

Eight Mahayana Precepts  Geshe Gelek strongly encourages students who have previously received the precepts to take at least one precept today. There are great benefits to living in vows, even for a single day, and because this is a merit-multiplying day, it is especially beneficial to take precepts.

Center open for individual practice

Medicine Buddha puja  at 7 pm. You can sponsor this puja here.