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Medicine Buddha Puja on Lhabab Duchen

7:00 pm Friday, November 10, 2017

There is great suffering around the world right now: Many people and animals have died, become ill and/or lost their homes because of hurricanes, floods and wildfires, or because of political upheaval causing them to flee for safety.

On this Buddha holy day, Lhabab Duchen, when the merits of virtuous actions are multiplied exponentially, we offer a Medicine Buddha puja to alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings.

Medicine Buddha puja is beneficial for mental and physical healing and world peace, and is especially beneficial for those who are experiencing physical or mental illness or those who have recently passed away. In this beautiful practice, we invoke the names of the seven Medicine Buddhas, contemplate and appreciate their qualities and request their blessings.

Typically we do Medicine Buddha Puja in English, so it is easy to follow along.


Everyone attending the puja is encouraged to bring medicines -- in a bag or box labeled with your name -- to be placed on the altar and blessed.

Anyone can sponsor this puja, and offer a dedication to be read and shared by all who participate.

Sponsor this puja here.