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The Rhythm of Virtue - Workshop Series

Repeats every month on October, November, December on the third Sunday 3 times.
1:30 pm Sunday, October 21, 2018



In this series of workshops, we will explore different methods of integrating practice into our daily lives, as outlined in Denise Flora's book, The Rhythm of Virtue.

These workshops will take place on the third Sunday of October, November and December, 2018, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

Each session will focus on a particular method; we will list the method for each workshop as the dates draw nearer.


Oct 21 -  Flow integration - use taichi-like movement to embed verses of virtue


Learn how to deepen your contemplation for any positive four line verse by playing with this 10 level, taichi-like, Infinity Integration from The Rhythm of Virtue. Participants who tried this at the Interactive Open House said, "Moving helps to push things into my subconscious better than ten years of keeping it posted on the wall. These are all great techniques." See a video clip of the integration here. Bring your own verse or use the samples provided which are appropriate for people of all spiritual groundwork. Designed for adults.
Nov 18 - Pick your Principle - choose one virtue and use four+ methods to explore it

Explore one of the 16 virtues of the 16 Guidelines for Life or another positive virtue. Chose from modes in The Rhythm of Virtue, such as motion, rhythm, conversation, poetry, poses and art to find your frontier for working with this virtue. Participants from the Interactive Open House said, " The random virtue I chose was not the one I expected but was exactly what I needed and really helped my mind." "The conversation took me to new places emotionally after only a few sentences."
"Enlightening." "Inspirational." "Experiential." Designed for adults.
Dec 16 - Drum the guidelines - learn a list of 16 virtues using rhythms

Bring a drum or use one provided to explore rhythm as a way to integrate individual virtues as well as to learn lists of virtues. We'll use the 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life as an example list -- appropriate for people of whatever spiritual groundwork -- but if you have another list, bring it and you can adapt the method. Past participants said, " All seemed to get a lot out of it and some added their own thing to suit their own voice." Note: this is a facilitated workshop, not a drum circle format. Designed for adults.