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Nalanda Monastery - Venerable Losang Tendar

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Nalanda is named for the great Indian monastery that produced highly acclaimed Buddhist scholars, including Lama Atisha, Chandrakirti, Nagarjuna and Shantarakshita, whose works we continue to study today.

Kadampa Center is happy to host an evening with Venerable Tendar, a resident of Nalanda in France, who will speak about the traditions at the monastery.

Besides Dharma studies, the current Nalanda monastery is also famous for its work in creating, and helping others create, holy images through their tsatsa workshop. Tsatsas are plaster statues, cast in molds. The Nalanda workshop creates molds for others to use - and in fact, our own Family Program used molds at this year's Family Dharma Camp, and we also used Nalanda molds to create tsatsa for filling our stupa with sacred objects. So Kadampa Center has a great connection to Nalanda!

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SPIRITUAL: Visiting Teacher
Tuesday, December 10, 2019