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2020 Mandala Offering practice

The Mandala Offering Pledge for the 2020 Annual Appeal

Begin with setting your intention to benefit of all sentient beings.

Mandala Offering (Make the hand mudra)

This ground, anointed with perfume, strewn with flowers,
Adorned with Mount Meru, four continents,
the sun and the Moon:
I imagine this as a Buddha-field and offer it.
May all living beings enjoy this pure land!


From Essential Buddhist Prayers, An FPMT Prayer Book, Volume I © 2011

Advice for Mandala offerings from Geshe Gelek

“Making mandala offerings is a practice of generosity that is part of the Bodhisattva practice. It will fulfill all the positive wishes you have and eliminate stinginess. Making mandala offerings creates a lot of merit, which is the cause for success. It is also the cause to create positive attention throughout the world, so when people think about you, they will generate a positive mindset. This practice of generosity has been taught by great lineage practitioners.”

Thank YOU!
Please enter your mandala offering count in the upper right hand corner so we can report our total to Geshe-la at next year’s appeal!