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Annual Appeal Letter

Reminisce with me…

The map is open on the table, points of interest brochures strewn about and the Lonely Planet guide is dog-eared. You know exactly where you want to go and your travel agent books flights, hotels and a sporty Mustang for those windy roads. It’s time to purchase travelers checks, iron your clothes, pack your suitcase and garment bag. Yes, years ago travel required research, a lot of effort and reliance upon experts to get you where you wanted to go.

In contrast today…

Social media is used to query cool travel ideas. Flights, hotels and rental cars are booked online. Pack the wheeled carry-on bag. Grab your kindle. Pop the smartphone in your pocket. Order an über to take you to the airport and you’re off.  While embarking on a journey is simpler by far the same three facts apply:

The wish. The experts. The resources.

Our teachers tell us we can only begin our journey when we have a wish of where we want to go. Knowing where you want to go led you to the Kadampa Center and now YOUR support of service, goods, pledges and/or funds will assure you will always have what you need for YOUR journey to continue.

Thousands of people have passed through our doors and have met the Teachings in our precious Center and it’s because of YOU that everything The Kadampa Center has to offer is made available by donation only with volunteer effort. The first 25 years are now behind us so let’s prepare for our future that in includes: Five Sangha members, the wisdom of two Geshes, the visits of traveling Teachers, a powerful children’s program, prolific classes, amazing retreats…and whatever we can dream we can make happen!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I welcome you to the 2018 Annual Appeal and ask you to Join the Journey with support in the Center - Your Center. By giving in one or more ways, YOU join many other who support the Center - a place we all call home.

We all desire a world filled with peace, this year when you fill out the enclosed pledge form you may also benefit yours and all beings minds with your pledge to circumambulate our beautiful stupa. Stupas are a way to plant the seed of enlightenment and peace in the minds of all who see them. Even one circumambulation brings immense benefit; imagine what thousands will do!

From my heart, I THANK YOU because you are part of our Journey.

With folded hands,

Robbie Watkins
Center Director

Link to Join the Journey Now!