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Annual Appeal Letter

2019 Annual Appeal

Dear Kadampa Center family,                                                      

It’s been a long day

Finally home, you notice a gift on the dining table with your name written in a familiar hand. A pull of the ribbon and a rustling of paper reveal a hint of brilliant color. A lovely hand woven tapestry made for you by your mother. It’s artful creation warms your heart knowing each colorful thread, chosen with care, is vital to bring the image to life. A small shift... You realize your view, your world, in fact everything is woven like magic; rich colors all held together yet impossible to hold. What you weave brings your tapestry to life.

Feeling more relaxed

You notice the mail and the Kadampa Center Annual Appeal’s bright brocade cover catches your eye. Connections are made that YOU are the thread. YOU are the tapestry too. Every color, every thread, every movement of the loom is key, to bring our rich tapestry to life. This year you are asked, “What is Your Color?” What will you offer the Center in time, talent and gifts? We rely on YOU and with your help, YOU can rely on the teachings and the Center to continue.

Our lineage tells us we can only begin creating the changes we desire for ourselves when we make great effort. Your efforts have led you to the Kadampa Center and now YOUR support of service, goods, practice and/or funds will assure you will always have what you need for YOUR tapestry to remain for a long, long time.

So many have met the Teachings in our precious Center and it’s because of YOU that everything Kadampa Center has to offer is made available by donation only with volunteer effort. Our tapestry includes: Five Sangha members, the wisdom of two Geshes, the visits of traveling Teachers, a powerful family program, prolific classes, amazing retreats…and whatever we can visualize we can weave in!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I welcome you to the 2019 Annual Appeal. Last year you sustained your Center when YOU Joined the Journey and we thank you! This year we invite you to continue YOUR adventure and ask, “What is Your Color?” in support of the Center we all call home by continuing or increasing your existing gifts.

We are all humbled by our meager effort to benefit the world that surrounds us. This year when you fill out the enclosed pledge form, you may also benefit yourself and others by pledging to do prostrations: a practice that is centuries old and powerfully merit packed. Even one prostration brings immense benefit; imagine what hundreds will do!

From my heart, I THANK YOU because you are part of our Tapestry.

With folded hands,

Robbie Watkins
Center Director

Sandy Carlson
President, Board of Directors