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Communications Coordinator

To express an interest or if you have questions, please contact Jill Marie at 


Communications Coordinator 

Primary Purpose:

This role is the main hub for marketing and communication. We are at a time of growth and transition and the person taking on this role will be reimagining and then staffing a full team to support the Communications goals.

During this time of growth, the Communications Coordinator will lead the effort in creating a Communication Team; they will find parts of this major role that can be broken out and staffed by other members of their team. The Communications Coordinator will have some authority to build a team to fit these requirements.

This position reports to:  Center Director
This position oversees: Communications Team TBD

Hours & Time Required: minimum 3 to 5 hours per week (plus regular attendance at Kadampa Center teachings and events)
Frequency of work/meetings: Attend monthly Management Team meetings and quarterly Volunteer Leadership Trainings; other Membership team meetings as they arise
Training Required & Estimated Time: Initially, the outgoing Communications Coordinator will offer one-on-one training and mentoring until the new Coordinator feels comfortable in the role

Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities:
● Develop and then oversee the Communications Team
             o This could include graphic designers, a Web team, Copy Writers, Social Media folks, Photographers, etc.
● Create/Execute or oversee the creation/execution of the immediate marketing needs of other departments (web banners, web pages, facebook posts, flyers, selecting archived pictures, etc.)
● Develop a Communications and Marketing Plan with short-, mid-, and long-term goals
● Coordinate the organization and evolution of the Kadampa Center  Website with the newly developing SalesForce efforts
● Research and select a user friendly photograph storage system
● Monthly attendance at Management Team meeting
● It is expected that there will be an IT Department in the near future and the tasks of listserve management and other technology support would NOT be part of the Communications Coordinator role 

Qualifications and Experience/Skill/Abilities:
● Marketing/Communications experience in developing as well as executing marketing strategies and creation of marketing tools
● Ability to hit the ground running
● Enjoyment of working with people in all aspects of the Center
● Some technical skills and demonstrated ability to learn new technologies
               o Including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office, Photoshop or some type of design program, Online presence
● Strong organizational and critical thinking skills
● Ability to set, manage, and meet priorities
● Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as well as inspire other team members
● Regular attendance at Center (present most Sundays and at least occasional other events)
● Understanding of the workings of the Center and Center’s committees or desire to quickly learn
● Have been involved with the Center for at least 1 year
● Current Center Member in good standing
● Respect for the teaching of the Buddha and Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Vision
● A strong desire to work harmoniously with others in accordance with the FPMT Ethical Policies
● Proven track record of dependability
● Enthusiasm for bringing the Dharma to others
● Desire to take initiative and ownership of position, once trained

Connected Roles:
Center Director, Management Team, Communications Team, Webmaster/Webmistress, SalesForce Team, Office Administrator, Bookkeeper