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Count your Praises to the 21 Taras


Our precious spiritual director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, advised us to recite 100,000 Praises to the 21 Taras to create the causes and remove obstacles for the next Light of the Path Retreat.

This is an amazing chance to create merit!  Geshe Gelek often talks about the merit of doing Tara practice, and how Lama Atisha made this his main practice. Then add to that, we are following the advice of an amazing and powerful teacher, Wow Wow Wow!  On top of that, we are creating the causes for the next Light of the Path retreat, which benefits so many beings.  It's a triple deluxe bonus of merit!

We will do some group recitations, and please remember to keep a count of your personal recitations and enter them below (scroll down to bottom of page).


The Praises


From your sublime abode at the Potala, O Tara,
Born from the green letter TAM
Your crown adorned with Amitabha,
Action mother of the buddhas of the three times,
Tara, please come with your attendants.

The gods and demi-gods bow to your lotus feet, O Tara,
Your who rescue all who are destitute,
To you, Mother Tara, I pay homage


Praises to the 21 Taras

Om I prostrate to the noble transcendent liberator!

1. Homage! Tara, swift, heroic!
Eyes like lightning instantaneous!
Sprung from op’ning stamens of the
Lord of three world’s tear-born lotus!

2. Homage! She whose face combines a
Hundred autumn moons at fullest!
Blazing with light rays resplendent
As a thousand star collection!

3. Homage! Golden-blue one, lotus
Water born, in hand adorned!
Giving, effort, calm, austerities,
Patience, meditation her sphere!

4. Homage! Crown of tathagatas,
Actions triumph without limit
Relied on by conquerors’ children,
Having reached ev’ry perfection!

5. Homage! Filling with TUTTARE,
HUM, desire, direction, and space!
Trampling with her feet the seven worlds,
Able to draw forth all beings!

6. Homage! Worshipped by the all-lords,
Shakra, Agni, Brahma, Marut!
Honored by the hosts of spirits,
Corpse-raisers, gandharvas, yakshas!

7. Homage! With Her TRAD and PHAT sounds
Destroying foes’ magic diagrams!
Her feet pressing, left out, right in,
Blazing in a raging fire-blaze!

8. Homage! TURE, very dreadful!
Destroyer of Mara’s champion(s)!
She with frowning lotus visage
Who is slayer of all enemies!

9. Homage! At the heart her fingers,
Adorn her with Three Jewel mudra!
Light-ray masses all excited!
All directions’ wheels adorn her!

10. Homage! She so joyous, radiant,
Crown emitting garlands of light!
Mirthful, laughing with TUTTARE,
Subjugating maras, devas!

11. Homage! She able to summon
All earth-guardians’ assembly!
Shaking, frowning, with her HUM sign
Saving from every misfortune!

12. Homage! Crown adorned with crescent
Moon, all ornaments most shining!
Amitabha in her hair-knot
Sending out much light eternal!

13. Homage! She ’mid wreath ablaze like
Eon-ending fire abiding!
Right stretched, left bent, joy surrounds you
Troops of enemies destroying!

14. Homage! She who strikes the ground with
Her palm, and with her foot beats it!
Scowling, with the letter HUM the
Seven levels she does conquer!

15. Homage! Happy, virtuous, peaceful!
She whose field is peace, nirvana!
She endowed with OM and SOHA,
Destroyer of the great evil!

16. Homage! She with joy surrounded
Tearing foes’ bodies asunder,
Frees with HUM and knowledge mantra,
Arrangement of the ten letters!

17. Homage! TURE! With seed letter
Of the shape of syllable HUM!
By foot stamping shakes the three worlds,
Meru, Mandara, and Vindhya!

18. Homage! Holding in her hand the
Hare-marked moon of deva-lake form!
With twice spoken TARA and PHAT,
Totally dispelling poison!

19. Homage!  She whom gods and their kings,
And the kinnaras do honor!
Armored in all joyful splendor,
She dispels bad dreams and conflicts!

20. Homage! She whose two eyes bright with
Radiance of sun and full moon!
With twice HARA and TUTTARE
She dispels severe contagion!

21. Homage! Full of liberating
Pow’r by the set of three natures!
Destroys hosts of spirits, yakshas,
And raised corpses! Supreme! TURE!

These praises with the root mantras
And prostrations thus are twenty-one!


Prayer of the Benefits

Whoever is endowed with devotion for the goddess and recites this with supreme faith,
Remembering it at dawn upon waking and in the evenings,
Will be granted all fearlessness, will perfectly pacify all negativities,
And will eliminate all unfortunate migrations.

The multitudes of conquerors will quickly grant initiation:
Thus, endowed with this greatness, one will eventually reach the state of a buddha.

If affected by the most terrible poison,
Whether ingested, drunk, or from a living being,
Just by remembering will one be thoroughly cleansed.

If this prayer is recited two, three, or seven times,
It will pacify all the sufferings of torments
Caused by spirits, fevers, and poisons, and by other beings as well.

If you wish for a child, you will get a child;
If you wish for wealth, you will receive wealth.
All your wishes will be fulfilled
And all obstacles pacified.


Colophon:  “Praises to the Twenty-one Taras,” “Praises to the Twenty-one Taras (abbreviated version),”and “Prayer of the Benefits” were translated by Martin Willson, from “The Four Mandala Offerings to Chittamani Tara” in Essential Buddhist Prayers Vol. 2, FPMT Education Department, 2001, 2008, 2011.