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Dedicate your sponsorship


 Thank you for sponsoring a spiritual program at Kadampa Center! 

Wow - what amazing merit!

Dedicating the merit of your sponsorship is a powerful part of the practice of generosity in the context of supporting the Dharma. When you dedicate, the merit you create through your sponsorship is committed to the beneficial purpose in your dedication, whether it is to benefit a loved one, honor a teacher, or realize the liberation of all beings from suffering.

 We offer our sponsors the opportunity to write a dedication, so that we can share your beneficial intentions and think of them during the sponsored  puja or teachings.

Please write your dedication below. 

Dedications may be very simple - "For my mother, Rosemary" - or they might encompass more extensive spiritual wishes, such as "May these teachings be the cause to liberate all sentient beings," or wishes for the teacher's long life, to benefit a person who is ill - any heart-felt positive intention!  Dedications can include more than one intention.

We ask that you submit your dedication at least 2 days before the event, so that we can  have time to print and share it.

Thank you!