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Dharma for a Happy Life

Buddhism is a psychology of the mind, providing us methods to understand our emotions and how to change our bad habits and thoughts to be happy. The Sunday morning teachings about how to practice Dharma in daily life, led by one of our resident teachers, Geshe Gelek Chodha or Geshe Sangpo, are appropriate for visitors and students of all levels of study and interest in Buddhism. The session typically includes a brief meditation, prayers, and the rare opportunity to learn from a highly trained Tibetan Buddhist monk. (When Geshe-la is away, several senior students typically lead these sessions.) 

Geshe Gelek would like to focus his Sunday teachings on answering your questions – anything about Buddhism – so anytime you have a questions for him, fill out the form on the top right of this page. (Please remember English is not his first language, so avoid slang and abbreviations.)

If you are unsure when to visit the center for the first time, Sunday is a great time to start. The teachings and prayers are offered in English at 10:30 am.

There is a children's program during the service, and the nursery is available for parents who would like space for young children. The teachings will be broadcast into the nursery so parents can still hear the teachings while supervising their children. Children are invited to sit on the blue cushions at the front of the gompa, and then are dismissed to their classes after opening prayers.

On many Sundays, there are additional programs such as the Newcomer's Orientation session, Member's Orientation session, Sunday Tea time, pujas, and more. Special events for holy days, special practices, or exhibits and visiting teachers are also occasionally held on Sundays, so for all these events please check the calendar for more information and specific times.