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Did you Know you can become a Monthly Sustainer at any time?

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Why become a Monthly Sustainer?

We are similar to any church in that we need funds to maintain all our programs, classes, staff and building upkeep. Monthly Sustainers create a stable base that support us financially throughout the year. While many sign on during our end of year Annual Appeal, one may become a sustainer at any time.

Our Monthly Sustainer program is available for you to sign yourself up or call our office to ask for help.

Methods to give as a Monthly Sustainer

  • Place cash or checks in 1 of 2 Donation boxes labeled with your name

  • Text Giving

  • Online Giving

  • Checks mailed in

  • Set up personal bank account to send checks to us

    Sign up online!

Please feel free to email us with any questions about Monthly Sustainers, or call the Center at  919.859.3433.

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