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Did You Know you can give to a Dharma Class?

Engage now, ensure the future

Why give to a Dharma Class?

Dharma classes enrich our mind by giving us the tools we need to navigate our daily life. Reading the Dharma on our own is beneficial, yet learning in a class setting adds an important element to our spiritual growth. There are many ways to be engaged in Dharma education at the Center. We offer classes at various levels to engage students who are new to Buddhism, those who are just starting on the path, and those who have deeper experience and knowledge.

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"The Dharma was the friend who did not desert me in times of need." ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We offer all Dharma classes on a donation basis so that money is never an obstacle for anyone. Please consider supporting our Dharma classes whether you attend or not. Kind generosity in the past made it possible for our classes today and your gift will assure Dharma classes are available in the future!

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Please feel free to email us with any questions about Dharma classes, or call the Center at  919.859.3433, Wed - Fri, 11am - 3:00pm EST .

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