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Did You Know you can sponsor a Holy Day?

Special days, special giving

What is a Holy Day?

Kadampa Center has pujas and special events on the various Tibetan holy days related to the Buddha. According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, citing holy texts, karmic actions are multiplied by 100 million times, so it's a wonderful day to watch our speech, actions and thoughts!

Why give for a Holy Day?

Sponsoring a Holy or Special day at the Center creates the causes of vast generosity since what we give is multiplied by 100 million times! You may sponsor on behalf of a loved one, friend in need or for all sentient beings!

Kadampa Center celebrates several Holy Days throughout the year. You can sponsor a Holy Day listing on the puja sponsorship page.

Other Special Days

  • Losar, Tibetan New Year - First part of year

  • Dorje Khadro - New Year’s Eve

Please feel free to email our Spiritual Program Coordinator, Donna Seese, with any questions about Holy Days, or call the Center at  919.859.3433 to discuss sponsorships.

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