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Did you know you can sponsor a Puja?

To transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

Why sponsor a Puja?

  • Your generosity creates a connection to the practice.
  • Your generosity benefits the Center.
  • Your generosity benefits the sangha attending the puja, who receive a donation on your behalf. If you attend the puja, you may make this offering personally - we'll show you how!
  • You can dedicate the puja to benefit friends, relatives, the sick, or for the success of particular projects. Your dedication is read aloud so that all at the puja can share in your positive intentions.
  • You create merit (positive action), which opens the door to greater spiritual awakening.

What is a Puja?

Learn more about pujas at Kadampa Center

“It is mentioned in the Kadampa teachings that it is a hundred times more powerful to make prayers with your community than alone in your room.”  ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Please feel free to email our Spiritual Program Coordinator, Donna Seese, with any questions about pujas, or call the Center at  919.859.3433, Wed - Fri, 11am - 3:00pm EST to discuss sponsorships.

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