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Did You Know you can support Kadampa Center Prison Project?

So that minds can be free

Kadampa Center Prison project is a group of volunteers affiliated with the Kadampa Center community who offer prisoner-support workshops using meditation to overcome negative emotions and addictions, to more skillfully navigate life (both in prison and out), and, as appropriate, to develop spiritually. We also have grown to offer transitional aftercare support and the opportunity for individual students to further their studies by communicating with a pen pal.

Our amazing volunteer team uses different books for each class taught in the prisons and your donation helps Kadampa Center support the efforts of many!

  • Make a General Donation to Kadampa Center Prison Project (KCPP)
  • Make a Donation for 1-5 books for the next course -  $15 per book

Your donations benefit incarcerated men by giving them the tools to work with their minds. 
With a book in their hands, they hold tangible proof that someone out here has not forgotten them locked away in there. To them, that book represents hope and a way forward.



General Donation


Donate 1 Book

Donate 2 Books

Donate 3 Books

Donate 4 Books

Donate 5 Books

Thank You!

Read more about KCPP and/or sign up to become a Penpal!