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Family Program Sunday Morning classes and locations

NEW Refuge Room - for children under the age of 5, know that you are always welcome in the gompa with your parents. However, if you need to move more and want to play while your parents take teachings, consider the Refuge Room!  
Elementary Ages ((grade 5k to 4th grade) - Meet in the Education Building and Learn 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life through stories, games and crafts with your friends. Volunteer teachers will lead you in methods to calm your mind so you can be the best you!
Middle Ages (grade 5 to 7th) - Meet at the Conference Table and Learn with friends how to apply the 16 Guidelines to social media, school, friends, and how you interact with the word. Volunteer teachers will help you navigate these applications and remind you of methods to stay happy in your every day life.
NEW Teen Group!  (grade 8 and up) - Meet in the NEW Teen Hangout in the Education Building and Learn Buddhist Philosophical Concepts with friends and Volunteer Discussion Leaders. Enjoy discussing and hanging out with like minded friends on chilly Sunday mornings through the Fall!