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Green Tara Sand Mandala

The creation of a sand mandala is a rare and beautiful practice that requires extensive training in rituals.

From Thursday through Sunday, Geshe Sangpo and Gen Norbu will create a Green Tara mandala for happiness, peace and prosperity. Students and visitors are invited to come watch as the monks build this ritual artwork by hand. The "sand" is actually mostly colored marble ground to a powder, sometimes with other precious substances.

Tara is a female Buddha whose qualities include enlightened action and swiftly removing obstacles to our spiritual growth, happiness, health and prosperity. The sand mandala represents the sacred space that is Tara's universe, and in creating the mandala we invite Tara to be present.


Thursday, Nov. 12  9 a.m.  Opening ceremony

Thursday through Saturday,  9 am to 5 pm  - creation of sand mandala

Sunday, 10 am to noon - completion of sand mandala

Sunday, 2 pm  -- Tara puja followed by closing ceremony

When the puja is complete,  there will be an opportunity to view the mandala up close, followed by a closing ceremony where, with a remembrance of impermanence, the sand mandala will be deconstructed and taken to a body of water to be dispersed. Some of the blessed "sand" will be available to attendees with instructions how it can be used in Buddhist practice.