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Hospitality Lead

Hospitality Lead 

Primary Purpose: Working at the direction of the Membership Coordinator, this position is one of the frontline, public faces of Kadampa Center. The Hospitality Lead sets the tone for the greeters and those interacting with Center newcomers. This role will oversee all aspects of hospitality for anyone coming to the Center, such as working with the Kadampa Café and Potluck leads.

This position reports to:  Membership Coordinator

This position oversees: Greeter Lead, Kadampa Café Lead, Potluck Lead

Hours & Time Required: Initially perhaps 3-5 hours per week to build infrastructure (plus regular attendance at Center events), perhaps less time once the team is well established

Frequency of work/meetings: Occasional Membership team meetings; quarterly Volunteer Leadership Trainings

Complement - Total # of volunteers needed: 1

Training Required & Estimated Time: Training will be as needed, with both the outgoing and incoming Membership Coordinators, until Hospitality Lead feels empowered and comfortable

Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities (Either rank of importance or sequential order)*
• Assist the Membership Coordinator in key areas related to newcomers and cultivating a welcoming feel at the Center
• Regular attendance at Center (present most Sunday’s and at least occasional other events)
• Help with setting up the new system for a “concierge desk” and have it staffed by trained greeters; coordinate with other key departments, such as Spiritual Program and Volunteers to have current information to share with attendees
• Greeter coordination (ideally working with a Greeter Lead who will keep the calendar, train new volunteers, etc.)
• Working with the appropriate Leads to maintain Volunteer Spot for greeters, potluck support, and Kadampa Café volunteers
• Helping to train new volunteer in these same areas
• Regularly updating and printing newcomer information booklets
• Kadampa Café oversight
• Oversight of Concierge Desk
• Oversight of potluck coordinator

Qualifications, Experience/Skill/Abilities and perhaps education needed
• A personal belief that community is important and worth effort to cultivate
• Enthusiasm for interacting with newcomers
• A strong desire to help newcomers feel welcomed and at ease
• Enthusiasm for bringing the Dharma to others
• Comfortable with and willing to learn technology (Volunteer Spot, Email)
• Interest in learning about the Center’s functions (such as the various committees and management structure, etc.)
• Solid organizational skills
• Willingness to repeatedly share information very familiar to you while keeping it fresh for the newcomer
• A track record of dependability

Connected Roles:  Membership Coordinator, Greeter Lead, Potluck Lead, Kadampa Café Lead, Spiritual Program Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator


The Center Mission:
We are a spiritual community committed to transforming the minds and lives of individuals and societies into the highest ideals of enlightened wisdom, compassion, and skillful action through the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gelugpa tradition. We are part of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), an international family of city and retreat centers, monasteries, publishing houses, hospices, and healing centers who share our purpose.