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How a Blood Transfusion Saved a Life

How blood transfusions saved my sister Joanne

When she was 29, my sister Joanne spent Thanksgiving night at our parents’ home.

During the night, she began bleeding internally from an otherwise benign growth in her stomach.  She felt ill, got out of bed and fainted… and fortunately, the sound of her hitting the floor woke my parents, who rushed her to the hospital.

It took some time for the doctors to find the problem, and meanwhile she was in danger of bleeding to death. With anxious parents hovering over Joanne, the nurses kept replenishing the lost blood. Joanne spent 10 days in the hospital, and more than every drop of blood in her body was replaced – 13 units! 

The care and the blood she received have given her another 33 years of life.

Without the kindness of others who had given their very life blood to help a stranger, we would have lost our dear baby sister!

- Donna


You can give this gift as well, and create happiness for another person and for everyone who loves her or him!

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