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Inspiring Generosity

Thank you for coming to this page! Your generosity supports Your Center

Ways to contribute

  • Online Giving one time, or set up an automatic monthly payment either credit card or bank draft (see link below and select from the drop down menu)

  • Text Giving Send KC108 to 73256 and select from the drop down menu

  • At the Center by placing your contribution of cash or check in one of the donation boxes located throughout the Center

  • Auto draft checks sent from your bank

  • Snail mail checks to: Kadampa Center, 5412 Etta Burke Ct, Raleigh NC 27606

  • Stocks to donate? (email our BOD President, Sandy Carlson and she would be happy to help)

  • Legacy Giving as you set up your estate plan (email our BOD President, Sandy Carlson and she would be happy to help)

  • Giving Instruction Help

  • Your monetary donations to Kadampa Center allow the Center to offer an incredible array of classes in the spiritual program, support our resident teachers, Geshe Gelek and Geshe Sangpo, as well as pay the mundane but necessary costs of rent, utilities, supplies, and staff personnel. 

    Donate on our Secure Online Community