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Kara Weilding, Lee Clark, Sarah Wright, Valerie Jones, Rob Warren, Keith Ferreira, Vincent Batts, Brian Wright, Don Brown and many more!

In the midst of a tropical storm and torrential rains, Kadampa Center held our first offsite Family Camp at Noland’s farm this month. Everyone had a fabulous time, and it all arose in dependence on the kindness of many volunteers. While many parents had official roles,  all the parents helped out in many ways! 

    Big thanks to: Kara Weilding — coordinator, Lee Clark — kitchen cleanup,  Sarah Wright — art, Valerie Jones — coordinator,  Rob Warren — cook, Keith Ferreira — drama,  Vincent Batts — meditation,  Brian Wright — meditation,  Don Brown - parent

  All the parents are very thankful for our non-camper adult helpers and special visitors. We couldn't have done it without  Geshe Gelek, Geshe Sangpo,   Venerable Choekyi, Venerable Lhamo — discussion, Joey Gooch — nature, Elise Strevel — planning and cook, Sandy Carlson and Sarah Brooks — Saturday activities,   Barb Baranski, Chris Baranski — cooks for taco night! and Suzanne Weigand — orientation and cleanup.

Big thanks to all!