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Light of the Path 2020 Registration costs

Light of the Path Retreat 2020 costs

The "room and board" costs: The registration fee paid directly to Blue Ridge Assembly covers the costs related to accommodation and meals, and a facilities fee of $11/day to help Kadampa Center meet the cost of hosting the retreat. That fee is included in the totals listed below. We continue to rely on generous benefactors to cover the spiritual program costs, which are budget to be more than $USD130,000.

For the full four-week retreat, these fees range from $1,582 per person for a shared room in the dormitory style building to $3,256 for a single room in the hotel style building closest to the gompa.


Length of Stay Building Persons/room Cost
Four Weeks Eureka/Hibbard Single  $USD 2,080
  Eureka/Hibbard Double $USD 1,730
  Hibbard Triple $USD 1,613
  Hibbard Quad $USD 1,582
  Asheville Single  $USD 3,256
  Asheville Double $USD 2,318
Two Weeks Eureka/Hibbard Single $USD 1,052
  Eureka/Hibbard Double $USD 877
  Hibbard Triple $USD 818
  Hibbard Quad $USD 804
  Asheville Single $USD 1,640
  Asheville Double $USD 1,171
One Week Eureka/Hibbard Single $USD 526
  Eureka/Hibbard Double $USD 439
  Hibbard Triple $USD 409
  Hibbard Quad $USD 402
  Asheville Single $USD 820
  Asheville Double $USD 586
Weekend Eureka/Hibbard Single $USD 156
  Eureka/Hibbard Double $USD 131
  Hibbard Triple $USD 123
  Hibbard Quad $USD 121
  Asheville Single $USD 240
  Asheville Double $USD 173

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