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Prison Project Course Leaders

Prison Project Course Leaders

The Kadampa Center Prison Project leads classes in nearby prisons based on meditation practices. We typically meet at the prison either weekly or biweekly. Our classes are based on a variety of Buddhist-based texts, but are typically taught in a secular manner (i.e., the class is appropriate for anyone interested in meditation and improving how they deal with their mind and emotions).

Right now, most of the classes we lead are at prisons that require a drive of 45-minutes to 2 hours from Raleigh. Most classes are held in the afternoon or early evening. An ideal person will have their own vehicle and be able to drive to the prison, lead a 2-hour class, and return home.

We will provide opportunities for training on how we do things. You will start out as a co-leader in a class (likely at Caledonia, which is about 2 hours away - classes there are Tuesdays at 5:00 pm).

Before becoming part of the program, you will need to meet with others in the group for an informal interview.

Our volunteers need to be qualified:

• Must have an understanding of the topics we typically teach.
• Must have at least have taken Buddhism in a Nutshell and Meditation 101 and preferably more (e.g., Discovering Buddhism and other classes) and/or have been involved in another Buddhist Center/studied.
• Must be able to pass all the requirements to get into the prison - including their background checks

Our volunteers need to be dependable:
• The classes we lead are very important to those who attend them. They look forward to them, and get a lot out of them. We need to commit and follow through.
• Must be able to commit to leading/co-leading a class, and then be self-motivated to see it through.

Our volunteers need to be open-minded:
• We work with lots of different people - from different backgrounds and religions (Wiccan, Rasta, Muslim, Christian, etc.).
• No matter who they are, or what they did, our role is to offer ideas and techniques for dealing with negative mind and finding some peace.