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Small Groups

Let's get together!

Would you like to meet other Kadampa Center friends to share a hobby or interest in a small group setting?
The hospitality team is expanding our social activities to include small groups with common themes, hobbies, interests or lifestyle.
Groups will meet informally and as often as you like.
  • Animal Lovers (Ex. dog walking, volunteer at shelters)
  • Book Club (Dharma and Non-Dharma related)
  • Fitness/Health (Ex. walk/run club, let's do yoga, attend a health talk)
  • Game Night (Board or Video gamers unite)
  • I love Food (Ex. exploring new foods, cooking, dining out)
  • Movies/Art (Ex. let's go to the movies or to the museum)
  • Music (Ex. jam sessions, attending concerts)
  • Outdoor Activities (Ex. gardening, hiking, biking, nature walks)
  • Sports Enthusiasts (Ex. watching the Super Bowl, attending a Hurricanes hockey game)
  • Spur-of-the-Moment (Ex. Meet me at the "____________ in an hour.") You fill in the blank.
If interested, please register by clicking the link below.