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Summer 2017 for Family Program

Summertime at the Center for the Family Program

While the Sunday morning family program classes take a break over the summer there are other ways to stay engaged in our community:  
  • Wheel Turning Day (Thurs July 27). We celebrate Buddha's first teaching and the sangha, so stop by the center with cards and/or donations and walk around the stupa. 
  • Invite your children into the gompa with you!
  • Turn on the screen and speakers in the preschool room and continue to take teachings on Sunday mornings while your little ones play.
  • Meet other parents and arrange reciprocal childcare. Feel free to use any and all of the materials at the Center in the education building or the preschool room.  As no one else cleans these rooms, we all appreciate when we clean up after ourselves!
  • Volunteer with the family program! There are lots of projects we can knock out over the summer, just contact Christy Batts and she'll help you find a way to serve!

Thanks and have a great summer whether near or far!