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Support the Light of the Path Retreat

The retreat has been postponed indefinitely due to the Covid pandemic. 

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Without the causes and conditions of your amazing generosity, the Light of the Path Retreat couldn't happen! We rely on the altruism of benefactors who feel in their hearts the benefits of these precious teachings and contribute to ensuring that they are available. The registration fee covers only Blue Ridge Assembly's charge for room and board, plus a small facilities fee to help cover additional retreat costs. 

All other expenses relating to teachings, puja, sangha support, Rinpoche’s travel and lodging, can only be met in dependence on our donors.  You might be interested to know that the travel for Rinpoche and his entourage typically runs around $12,000, and the cost of their lodging and food will exceed $20,000.

We couldn't hope to do this on our own -- the cost of hosting a month-long retreat for almost 300 people is well beyond our financial resources at Kadampa Center.  

Select from the options below and you will be led to our secure donation site where you can make a gift via electronic check or credit card.
You may also Text2Give by texting KC108 to 73256, then select the option of your choice from the drop-down menu (it's a very long menu...we've have a lot going on at the Kadapama Center!)

If you'd like to pay by check, simply write your option below and "LOP" on the memo line and mail to:
Kadampa Center
5412 Etta Burke Ct
Raleigh NC 27606

Send your dedication here!

Thank you!

Light of the Path Support Opportunities:


Lodging and Meals Rinpoche and Entourage ~ $10,000

Travel Rinpoche and Entourage ~ $7,500

Transcriptions, Media, Translators ~ $5,000

Altar Offerings including flowers ~ $3,500

Long-Life Practice ~ $2,500

Umdzes, Retreat Facilitator ~ $2,000

Streaming the teachings online ~ $1,500

Tsog Offering ~ $1,000

Spiritual Materials ~ $750

Bodhicitta Bus ~ $500

Heart-felt Giving Offering ~ any amount you choose

              All donations received will be applied where they are needed the most. Thank you!


Thanks to the kindness of our generous donors, it all becomes possible!


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