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Volunteer Appreciation Lead

Volunteer Appreciation Lead 

Primary Purpose:
This position will work throughout the year to find varying and innovative ways to appreciate our volunteers, the backbone of the Center. This role will cultivate an environment of gratitude for volunteers in an ongoing, consistent way, through offering often small acts of appreciation. 

This position reports to: Volunteer Coordinator

This position oversees: no one

Hours & Time Required: 2 hours per week

Frequency of work/meetings: Attendance at quarterly volunteer leadership trainings, available to stop by at the start of most standing meetings and provide snacks, thanks, etc. 

Complement - Total # of volunteers needed: 1

Training Required & Estimated Time: Ongoing guidance & input from Volunteer Coordinator

Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities (ranked in order of importance)                 Time or % of Time

Generate, in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator, fresh, frequent, varied ways to appreciate volunteers   20%

Carry out these ideas,     55%


• Buy and set out snacks for standing meetings, such as Management Team and Board of Directors
• Organize yearly Thank you cards from Geshe-la and Robbie 

Coordinate with Membership Team on Member and Volunteer Appreciation events 5%

Write the Merit Maker blurb for the weekly bulletin; also post to website 10%

Stay within budget for purchasing thank you items 

Conduct other volunteer related duties, as time and interest allow, such as helping to recruit and nurture volunteers; cover for Volunteer Coordinator during vacations, etc.    10%

Qualifications, Experience/Skill/Abilities and perhaps education needed:

Enjoy giving to others and value gratitude as a lifestyle

Desire to learn Volunteer Coordinator role and willingness to cover for Volunteer Coordinator on occasion

Creative thinking – wanting to keep things fresh

A strong desire to work harmoniously with others in accordance with the FPMT ethical policy

Interest in taking initiative and ownership of position

Proven track record of dependability

Strong organizational skills to track what has been done and plan for upcoming initiatives

Have been attending Center functions for at least three months

Current Center member in good standing


Please send questions or express interest to Ven Choekyi at