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Volunteer Coordinator

To express interest in this role, please contact Jill Marie at

Volunteer Coordinator – recruit for all volunteer roles at the Center (with the exception of Board of Directors); serve as a joyful motivator for volunteers; keep abreast of volunteer needs through communication with volunteer leadership and then communicate with general membership about available volunteer opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Along with appropriate volunteer leader(s), recruit and help fill open volunteer roles
  • Use resources such as one-on-one meetings and conversations with potential volunteers, send emails to the Yahoo! Group, post open roles on Kadampa website and Volunteer Spot, print out open positions and post on bulletin board, etc.
  • Offer to meet with all new members by attending each month’s New Member meeting and passing around meeting sign-up sheet
  • Meet with anyone interested in learning more about volunteering
  • Regularly communicate with volunteer leadership to keep an ongoing list of open positions
  • Support all Volunteer Leadership in developing job descriptions for all volunteer positions
  • Ensure FPMT Ethics Policies have been signed by appropriate volunteers
  • Along with all volunteer leaders, update tasks in the online calendar Volunteer Spot
  • Serve as volunteer point person for special events (ie: coordinating with Spiritual Program Coordinator for visiting teachers)
  • Maintain webpage of open volunteer positions on the Kadampa Center website
  • Help coordinate and attend ongoing Volunteer Leadership Trainings (for anyone in a role that oversees/coordinates or regularly interacts with volunteers)
  • Track volunteer participation across the Center
  • Document multi-pronged procedures for volunteer recruitment, engagement, volunteer appreciation, and annual volunteer leadership reviews/feedback
  • Oversee Volunteer Appreciation Lead or fill critical duties if Volunteer Appreciation Lead position is vacant
  • Track Volunteer Department budget
  • Monthly attendance at Management Team meeting


• Enjoy working with people in all aspects of the Center
• Regular attendance at Center 
• High organizational skills
• Understand Center organization and committees
• Comfort with online presence
• Have been involved with the Center for at least one year
• Current Center Member in good standing
• Respect for the teaching of the Buddha and Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Vision
• A strong desire to work harmoniously with others in accordance with the FPMT Ethical Policies
• Proven track record of dependability
• Enthusiasm for bringing the Dharma to others
• Desire to take initiative and ownership of position, once trained
• Willingness to repeatedly share information very familiar to you while keeping it fresh for the newcomer

Connected Roles
• Oversee Volunteer Appreciation Lead
• Coordinate with Management Team and all other volunteer leadership
• This position reports to the Center Director