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Volunteer for Khensur Rinpoche!


Our Kadampa Center family is so fortunate to host a teacher such as Khensur Rinpoche! 

An even greater blessing is the opportunity to serve the teacher by volunteering to help bring his teachings to so many beings. The more you are involved, the deeper your connection to Khensur Rinpoche.

There are so many ways to help during this amazing event – something for everyone’s interests!  We’ve put together an online SignUp where you can plug in to help – as a greeter, in the Dharma Shop, creating a clean space for the teachings, helping with flowers and parking, running the AV, monitoring Zoom, and more – so many ways to help. Some tasks need advance training (if you've not already received training, we’ll provide that); others you can sign up and jump right in.
When you go to the SignUp
, please take a moment to click on the link at the top to the information page, where you can see details about what each role involves. And if you’re a new volunteer, take a moment to complete the form, also linked at the top of the page, to make it easier for us to reach you.
Whatever you do, don’t miss this chance!


There are many opportunities to participate in these auspicous events and to serve Khensur Rinpoche, our Geshes, and countless other beings.